Essential Advice for Entrepreneurs Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 taught us a lot and now is the time to put those lessons to the test. As we enter life post-pandemic, we, as business owners, need to step up and take responsibility for our future success.

Here’s a bit of advice from Purple Patch Consulting for entrepreneurs on slaying the business game post-pandemic.

Go (more) digital

Technology enabled us to weather the COVID storm in ways we hadn’t thought possible. From Zoom meetings to hands-off delivery of goods, digitalisation stepped in and allowed us to keep doing business under tough circumstances.

What should we learn from this? Digitalisation is the future. Not only will it help us weather any future storms, but it’s also a great way to automate and refine existing processes. As we step into life post-COVID, make sure your business is prioritising technology. Your future success will thank you.

Get flexible

COVID proved to all of us that flexible work arrangements are not only successful, but they can also actually boost employee satisfaction.

As we enter a post-COVID world, don’t be too hasty with snapping back to in-person work arrangements. Talk to your employees and give them a say in how they work. Some might relish the opportunity to get back to the office but others may find working from home more rewarding. Give them the opportunity to choose how they deliver their work.

Prioritise your employees

Your workers are the backbone of your organisation. Without them, your business would be dead in the water. This should be incentive enough to prioritise your employees’ health and wellbeing.

Ensure your employees’ needs are being met. Have solid sick leave allowances and ensure your workers are supported and encouraged to make use of them. If in doubt, hire an HR agency to audit your organisation. Take their advice on board and ensure your workers are well looked after.

Preparation is key

We may have weathered one storm but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another one on the horizon. If there’s one thing COVID taught us it’s that the business landscape can change drastically and rapidly. It’s essential, then, that you prepare for it.

Going forward, your business should build and maintain a disaster strategy. Sit down and write out a plan that dictates company-wide actions should disaster strike again. The good news: you can use COVID as a real-life example of what your business may face in the future. Learn from it, and you’ll be in a better position to weather something like it again.

Set up a solid payroll system

Making sure your employees are paid is essential to the smooth running of a business. It ensures your employees are fairly rewarded for their time and effort and ensures they feel satisfied and comfortable in their roles.

When setting up your payroll, enlist the help of a payroll platform. With the right platform, you can enter employees’ hours and any time off they may have had. Ideally, choose a service that offers a mobile app that allows you to run your books from your phone so you can take care of business even when you’re on the go. All the best platforms also offer same-day deposits – provided you set up payroll before 7 am, paychecks can be deposited on the same day.

Thrive post-pandemic

Emerging from the pandemic is a gradual process. While the business landscape has certainly changed, not all of that change is bad. Now you have some tips and tricks for killing your business game post-COVID.

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