Invest in Yourself

My business and passion over the years has centred around helping people achieve their career goals. This would range from helping people get started and the chance to clock up much needed experience to selectively refining the high end of career to play to strengths, so they thrive in their working time.

Throughout each stage of this ‘career spectrum’ I’ve spoken with thousands of people; I’ve helped many and shared my expertise. One common denominator is that every candidate — and future employee — is doing everything they can to obtain investment in them.

· A chance to get your foot in the door!

· A 100k or 200k+ job?

· A chance to do what you love for a living?

To have a chance at any of these roles requires investment in yourself. After all, how would you expect any business to back you with the money, time and responsibility if you’re not backing yourself?

Which begs the question…

Do you invest in yourself?

· Have you found the right path?

· Are you still relying on free CV templates and free advice?

· Have you taken any steps to make you stand out from the crowd?

If the answer is no, then…

How can you expect anyone else to invest in you?

Think about it from a business perspective. What they invest into an individual is massive. So, if you’re not willing to put more time and money into your career, you simply can’t expect any return on your investment.

And you certainly can’t expect a business to invest in you.

Which means you can’t expect to land the role you’re chasing, whether it’s ‘A foot in the door’, ‘A 100k or 200k+ job’ or ‘A chance to do what you love for a living’.

The biggest investment in your lifetime is your career. It significantly trumps a mortgage. If it were stocks and shares you wouldn’t think twice about using an expensive financial adviser or stockbroker — with no guarantees of success!

Then why wouldn’t you spend some time on yourself to establish the best investment for you? When you are the one that’s in control of how well the investment performs!

Why would you not consider a career coach to make your LinkedIn and CV do its job for you? state that in “2018 the average amount spent on tuition fees by international postgraduates was AU$31,596”. It’s mind blowing that such a big investment is made in knowledge obtainment yet the very same people are reluctant to invest even a few hundred dollars learning how to effectively prepare themselves to enter the workforce!

If you’re genuinely ready to invest in yourself, take the small step and reach out to us. We can help:

· Establish your career path

· Get the interviews to get your foot in the door

· Empower you to stand out from everyone else

· Get you a job you love*

We have products that we can only describe as Plastic Surgery for your CV. Check them out at The Write CV or feel free to ask me anything at:

*We can’t guarantee this — but we’ve certainly helped many people get a job they love.

The Branson

The foundations are set and the DNA of your business is clear. Take a breath and reflect on what you have achieved so far. Now it the time to scale a replicate your recipe for success. The investment into your business now determines the peak performance and longevity of the business you have built. This package allows you to be competitive in the growth market.

  • The Subscription Model Recruitment - Spreads and reduces the cost
  • Success Profile creation (The NEW Position Description)
  • Digital Footprint Audit (worth $3.3k)
  • Business Coaching
  • Aptitude and Cognitive Assessment screening

The Sinek

Well done.You have a ‘why’, an idea and you have taken action. What you are doing now is setting the foundations for a long and prosperous journey. What you do now has a massive impact on the eventual outcomes and you cannot not this all by yourself. You need the right team around you to grow and the right partners that understand your journey and can get back back to what you know best. This package is rare to non-existent in the market and simply sets you up for success.

  • The Low Cost Recruitment Model. 2k flat fee (Min 80% cheaper)
  • Free Talent Mapping (Worth $1k each)
  • $100k worth of website for just 4k
  • 12 month strategy roadmap
  • Plus Free bonus "Business Shower Gifts"