Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes

When it comes time to write or update our CV, many of us write as if our CV will be read extensively. We tell our story and attempt to put our best foot forward by using words to create interest and better our competition.

You may therefore be surprised to learn that often your CV will not be read as you intended. Hiring managers are busy people and in many cases there are a large number of applicants. As a result, they have a short amount of time in which to review your CV.

Given the limited amount of time you have to make a positive first impression with your CV, you need to make sure you set it out correctly. This starts with having all the primary information applicable to the role you’re applying for at the top, since the reader will not always read to the bottom of the page or the next. Secondly, make sure you tailor your CV to the specific job applied for. Finally, spell check your CV – just because hiring managers have limited time, they will still spot a spelling mistake, and this will see your CV rejected.

While these steps do not guarantee an interview, they do buy you more time during which the hiring manager will then conduct a more thorough review of your CV.

To ensure you are then shortlisted, it is important that your CV presents the information employers are looking for. Your work history will also be reviewed; who you worked for, your job titles, time spent at each employer and gaps will be noted and must be easy to find.

Follow these tips, and provided you have the required skills and experience you’ll be in a strong position to be shortlisted.

As a final tip, once you have finished your CV you should perform a blink test. Look at the first page of your CV then blink. Does the information on that page mirror the requirements of the job? If yes, you are ready to send your CV. If not, rewrite your CV until it does.

By putting yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes and knowing how they review CV’s, you’ll put forward the best CV you can.

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