What I have learnt from teaching my dog!

Meet Del Boy!

A Boxer Puppy with bags of energy and charm. He is a team player and will do anything for you. Including hiding my shoes and digging escape routes in the garden. He is a puppy and takes a lot of time and effort to learn. However, on reflection it is me that has learnt more from him:

Forgiveness: When he does something, which is ‘extra’ naughty he will get told off. However, within 2 mins he will come back and make friends again. I could be hung up on what he has done for days. Surely, he has a better grasp of forgiveness than me.

Anyone can learn: His brain power is a fraction of ours but learns very quick. A reminder to make sure we fulfil our potential and keep learning every day.

Gratitude: He does not take anything for granted. He entirely relies on us to feed and protect him and is openly grateful about that. The seemingly simply things we take for granted and should show more gratitude.

Loyalty: Wherever I go he follows. No questions asked, he has my back. He is loyal to a fault. This unconditional loyalty is a rare trait in humans but in abundance in dogs.

Open mindedness: It’s a reminder to wear we can learn from. Not everything can be learnt from people we aspire to. Sometimes there are many lessons from other places, and we must remain open-minded to receive these lessons.

Simplicity: We tend to over complicate life. To make our strengths as a species a weakness. KISS is an underrated attribute, displayed clearly in the happiness of Del Boy.

Consistency: He learns from repetition and receiving the same message. Therefore, consistency is the key. If you want to learn and develop you must consistently push yourself and create a new habit.

Del Boy is available for mentoring sessions: delboy@purplepatchconsulting.com