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Science, not instinct.

We are at the frontline of innovation in the recruitment and talent acquisition world. We test at the atomic level every opportunity to improve our professionalism with a view of providing unparalleled service to all our clients. At Purple Patch, we apply our scientific method for your business’s success, a new model we have coined: Omni recruitment ™.

The best kept secret of the recruitment industry.

Tom’s passion for business, people change and advancements has resulted in a very unique type of agency.

No longer do businesses need to decide “Shall we go to agency or not?”
Now they are empowered to say “When we go to Purple Patch, what product shall we use?”

The team take full pride in your success and cant wait to partner with you.

For purple patch,
we are the science
of recruitment.


Kaizen methodology is how we function in-house, 1440 mins at a time. This we pass onto you is every opportunity to enable you not to be the second-best to yourself.


We want all interactions to leave people happy. Too often clients and candidates are left with no contact and false hopes. With a stepping stone mentality, you are updated every step of the way.


This is our driving passion. Whether a career or the growth of a business we want to play our part from from Acorn to Oak.

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Purple Patch Consulting pride itself on
development, not just placement. With this in
mind, the right fit for you and a potential
employer is our number one focus.

Find your perfect
business partner.

We are a full Consultancy and are rich in capacity to support your business growth with new people and with the new people.

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